Four or five years in college, internships, Tese de Doutorado, assignments, and the completion of college in the midst of the global crisis. Whoever goes through this situation asks himself all day: how can I get a job if almost nobody is hiring?

The psychologist by training and executive director of a website exclusively dealing with Human Resources, Willyans Coelho, gives the tip “Forget the crisis. With or without her, you have to look to be a good professional to get the best job. ”

If it is already difficult to get the dream job in the market, imagine looking wrong? Coelho explains that the best procedure is to register the resume on the website of the company in which you are interested in working Dissertação de Mestrado.

“With the technology we have available today, no recruiter will be looking for a candidate on a stack of printed resumes or even those who arrive by email without a clear direction. For the site, the curriculum will be registered directly into the search system used by the recruiter, so the chances of being found will be much higher. ”

A good networking relationship made up of college professors and friends from the same area can be salvation in times of crisis. “A friend who got a job, can tell you to another place in the company. So it’s essential to stay in touch. ”

The executive director also explains that there are some sectors that suffered more and others less impact with the crisis. The industry is shrinking, trade has had an initial impact, but it already shows signs of recovery. On the other hand the area of ​​services seems not to have been affected, this way companies like call centers, for example, that continue to expand are good places to seek a vacancy Monografias Prontas.

“It stands to reason that when we talk about call centers comes the image of working as telemarketers or telesales operators. But not only that, as they grow up, these companies also need other professionals, such as administrators, engineers, speech therapists,

psychologists, journalists, and others. ”

Those who are unemployed can take advantage of them to seek higher qualification. Some companies have vacancies but do not have professionals who fit the requirements. Coelho explains that this is common in sectors such as Information Technology, which even with the crisis still has many open positions, but lacking professionals with the right profile.

“Whether it is a crisis or a crisis, one has to try to be better at what he does to seize opportunities. Even when there are many places available, without a proper qualification, you will not be hired. It is not by having open positions that companies will hire anyone to fill them. ”

Now, just follow the advice and cheer to get the vacancy!