I finished the college. Which way do I go now?

What will you be when you grow up?”. This is one of the most frequently asked questions between childhood and adulthood. When we finally get a training and it seems that the question has already been answered, other doubts arise. And when we finish college, comes the question, “I’ve finished college, and now?” This is one of the reasons why vocational guidance is so important and can be even more effective when practiced by a psychologist Monografias Prontas.

When finishing college and facing the professional performance, it is common to question whether the choice was right or not. In these cases, it is not worth comparing with friends and family, as each will undergo a different decision process and all this depends on self-knowledge Dissertação de Mestrado.

A profession for life
The pressure that surrounds the chosen career, the eagerness to be a successful young professional, and the expectations of the family under his choice are factors that further raise doubts about what to do when graduating Tese de Doutorado.

At times, what frightens is “forever”, the fact that it is conditioned to experience only one profession, contrasting with the many options before entering college. But it is worth remembering that it is always possible to change course, take a new course, choose a different path. Incidentally, these career changes are becoming more and more common.

Does training determine the profession?
In the current job market, it is not only the academic formation that defines the area in which the professional will act. Their skills and competences, whether they are developed at university or not, are very important part in evaluating managers on the team and how each individual can contribute. It is increasingly common to find physicians acting as administrators, engineers as “marketers,” journalists as trade negotiators, as well as several other examples of entrepreneurs who have emerged from all possible backgrounds Monografias Prontas.

This is because sometimes, even with a great interest in the area of ​​training, the way of working, the existing vacancies or even the remuneration can make the professional change his mind. Of course, all these analyzes must be done even before graduating, but it can happen from closeness to practice to bring about a new aspect of the profession that was not understood until then.

Who can help?
It is normal to feel embarrassed to share this doubt with parents, friends and family in general. After all, it is expected that the newly formed will begin to work in their areas to develop and gain recognition. In this case, the search for some kind of therapy can help a lot. When talking to a psychologist, you will feel more comfortable, since you have no bond with him Tese de Doutorado.

The psychologist, on the other hand, will conduct the sessions in order to awaken a greater understanding of his vocation, causing you to reflect on the points that bring you uncertainties and fears, those that prevent you from following or completely changing the route, and so , contribute to your decision-making process on what will be your next step after training Dissertação de Mestrado.

Have you graduated and do not know how to follow in your professional career? Do not hesitate to seek help from a psychologist!