I finished college, what now?

If entering a college is already a difficult task that involves a lot of responsibility and study, finishing it and deciding what to do next, it can be more complicated still Monografias Prontas.

When we are 18 years old, we have to choose which profession to follow for the rest of our lives (even if we do not follow it, there is this pressure) and pass the entrance exam. Whether you make that choice or be approved in a good university depends only on yourself. Yes, regardless of family pressure to be the best and please everyone, it is up to you to study and devote.

Already when you are in the position of training and need to enter the job market, the hole is below: it is the society that has to accept you and, wherever that happens, it does not depend on how many hits we have on the issues of physics and biology , but how we behave and relate in society Monografias Prontas.

Give the market what it looks for
Do you express yourself well? Can you have a conversation with someone you’ve just met? Can you state your ideas and thoughts clearly? Can you think about difficult social situations? Anyway, are you a sociable person and “easy to deal” or is someone overly shy or described by others as antisocial? Dissertação de Mestrado

When they hand you the straw, before customers appear at your door and before they give you a job, you need to relate to people. You need to be able to talk confidently about what you do, dare to expose yourself to social interactions and deal with them intelligently. The market will not buy you just for what you know, it will buy you by the way you know how to “communicate” what you know. It is not enough to be; Of course not all people are sociable, and if you are one of them, you probably have not chosen a profession where communication is the strong job. But in any case, if it presents itself well and “selling” is essential for any type of work, even the most internalized. Or the opposite also happens: an extremely sociable and communicative person is not always synonymous with knowing how to communicate. The excess is also frowned upon and shies away from the good opportunities Dissertação de Mestrado.

Aligning the curriculum to the image is fundamental
At the same time, the academic curriculum has to be connected. What every student should pursue during graduation is integral development, not just attending classes, but actively participating in them, engaging in extra-class projects and doing internships. These activities will help not only professional development but also your intersocial skills.

Denise Fernanda Voltatódio, who graduated from law school last year, said she had no difficulty in finding a job in the area. “I had been interning since the first year of college, and then when I graduated I received a proposal to stay in the office, but as a lawyer. The OAB has always been a concern, but over the last year I dedicated a lot, because I had a lot of money, my job depended on it and also for all the years of college. The test was not easy, but with a lot of study it was possible to pass in the first one, “says Denise Tese de Doutorado.

If you, dear reader, are having difficulty entering the labor market and do not know what you are doing wrong, start by analyzing and modifying what you think is necessary. Talking with a colleague or friend that is already inserted helps a lot as well. And I say the same to the dear colleagues of the Law who choose to give Public Tender. It is not just passing a test, being open to the people in which you will relate every day is quality of life for them and for themselves.

I’m in. Now, how to grow?
Another issue related to the agenda is to remain in the labor market. In order to do this, it is necessary, after graduation, to make a short-term career planning in order to direct it to a specific area or function. Only the undergraduate course is no longer enough today. It is necessary to be always updating ourselves, taking new courses and acquiring new skills, or even deepening those already acquired. Cultural exchanges, postgraduate courses, language courses and free courses are the most sought after. But beware that you should not do these courses randomly. Look for those that have more relation with your work in the labor market so that later you can use this knowledge acquired in the day to day Tese de Doutorado.

Briefly, being successful professionally is not just doing a good degree as we thought it was at age 18. Our success is an ever-increasing uplift. Like everything else in life, the balance is AND deceive those who say curriculum is the key.