During college, you will have the opportunity to take an internship, whether it is a mandatory requirement for completion of your course or not. Take this chance. The sooner you start working in your training area, the sooner you will be able to develop practical knowledge that will make you see the knowledge in a different way.

The theoretical learning obtained in the classroom is fundamental Monografias Prontas. However, it will only be effective if you complement it with practical knowledge. And this you will only be able to conquer by acting in the daily life of your profession. Besides the advantage of helping you to improve your knowledge, an internship provides the precious chance to become an effective job, helping you to enter your profession on the right foot!

Many college students live in financial tightening. So it is common to think of the internship only as an additional source of income and to choose which vacancy to apply for based on salary and benefits. But be careful. By doing this, you may fall into a trap that will harm your resume.

The biggest risk is choosing a stage that will not add relevant experiences in the direction you really intend to follow. If you begin to accumulate internships in another area, you may even find it difficult to find a job that suits your career path.

Avoiding this mistake is easy. In addition to salary, you need to include a few more items to your list when evaluating whether to commit to an internship: Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado

The reputation of the company: well-known companies with a good reputation have more weight in the curriculum;

The segment in which the company operates: If you plan to work in the cosmetics industry, doing internships in a gardening tools factory may not be as relevant. Take this into account;

The assignments you will receive: Some companies value the trainee’s role very much, while others are still stuck to the stereotype that he can only make copies and fetch coffee. As far as possible, you should seek out placements in which you will have the chance to participate more actively in projects and operations;

Future Prospects: Not all companies have the policy of hiring their trainees as effective employees after graduation. Finding a placement in those organizations that do this “reuse” is a good way to secure your first job after graduation.

Act as if they knew of everything
One serious mistake of college students is to believe that they already know more than anyone else around them. And this problem is getting worse as the college years pass.

There is no doubt that you will learn a lot during graduation; however, always keep in mind that there are other people with much more experience and knowledge than you, both in and out of college.

For example, suppose you decide to pursue your academic career, master or doctorate Monografias Prontas. Would some teacher accept to guide a student who does not accept to debate ideas or be contradicted?

The same logic applies when a university “owner of reason” seeks an internship or first job. If you do not follow your boss’s direction, because you think your way of doing things is better, you will end up forming a negative image for yourself. In addition, accepting and taking advantage of negative feedbacks is also a feature highly valued by employers.

You’ve learned some very important things in college. By bringing that knowledge to your creativity and unique ability to innovate, you certainly have important contributions to make, whether in the classroom or outside. However, it is important to always be open-minded and accept the debates and criticisms. After all, others also have insights that can be very valuable to you.