Perhaps this error is exactly the opposite of the previous one. Unlike the university student who thinks he knows everything, there are many young undergraduate students unsure about their own ability. And in such an intellectual environment, this insecurity becomes even more pronounced.

It is common for you to be afraid to ask for help. After all, what will your colleagues think? Will you appear inferior to them, less intelligent, with less potential?

However, this is a completely unfounded fear Monografias Prontas. Remember that college rooms receive all kinds of people and each one gets there with different backgrounds and experiences. Some of your classmates may even be in second or third college while others are still trying to find themselves in this new environment.

Everyone will have more ease with some things and more difficulty with others; the important thing is that you are always progressing. However, this is only possible when you admit that you do not know something and ask a colleague or teacher for help.

Taking advantage of everything that college has to offer (classes, cultural events, extension projects, academic center, junior companies, athletic and student body, among other things) is excellent. However, you have to be very careful that one thing does not occupy the time of the other.

The main problem is when you start to focus too much on extracurricular activities and forget to study properly. After all, your biggest purpose within college still has to be graduation. You can learn in many different ways, but without the official diploma, it will be difficult to prove this learning to future employers.

Compared to high school, college is a time of much freedom in the student’s life. Parents no longer control their schedule, you have less evidence throughout the semester (except for the dreaded “final exams”), you do not have homework to show the teacher on a daily basis. Many teachers do not even know his name.

So, it seems like you can finally relax a bit in your study schedule. The problem is that good habits are difficult to create, but very easy to lose. After a few weeks, you end up forgetting what to do to maintain a well-regulated routine.

But even without so many demands for lessons, jobs, and tests, college has other demands. If you do not study daily, with focus and organization, a snowball will form, with all the readings and lists of overdue exercises.

The best strategy Monografias Prontas for not letting this happen is quite simple: keep up the pace of high school studies. Know that in college, getting approved every semester is as challenging as college entrance exams.

Maybe it’s the amount of interesting activities college life provides. The truth is that the vast majority of students, upon entering college, become so absorbed in these activities that they forget to take care of one’s own body and health.

The student begins to eat only ready meals, which are practical but also caloric. Leave the academy, because you must spend the night studying. Never go to the doctor, not to miss classes or extracurricular activities.

Advance to four or five years later at graduation, and he will be several pounds over the scale, muscle aches and other problems Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

Although it may seem like a small, almost silly mistake, it will greatly affect your future. Keep in mind that after college, life gets more and more race. If you neglected your health, thinking that you will have time to correct it later, you were wrong. Instead, watch your eating, exercise regularly, and visit your doctor every year.

These are customs that you need to create and preserve early on. Ultimately, your health will affect even your performance in studies and then career. But more importantly, it is about maintaining the quality of life.